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Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Rossitza Banova Hawkins

I have found through my years of experience teaching piano to people of all ages, that I derive great passion for teaching and helping the student develop. The piano teacher-student relationship can ultimately help the student grow professionally and also become a better human being. My aim is to cultivate the student and my job is not only being his or hers teacher, but also his or her mentor for many years to come.

Trust between teachers and students is important. In order for a student to solve and master technical or musical problems he or she has to trust the teacher 100%.

One of my teaching aims is to teach the student how to practice. I very much encourage and attempt to nurture at different times the student to develop the discipline to practice at the piano, as well as study the musical score outside of the instrument. Practice is everything in becoming a better pianist, and I strive to have my students understand this most essential aspect of piano learning, study, and ultimately performance.

As a teacher I am idealistic, but also realistic. I am also a creative problem solver. I believe in pointing out to the student not only what he or she did “wrong,” but also what he or she did “right.” Being only demanding and critical without pointing out the positive characteristics makes the student often disappointed and hesitant to fix certain problems.

I respect the individual uniqueness in each student. One has to realize that every student improves in his or hers unique way and my job is to bring out the best from each students’ potential. Therefore I always treat each student the same and believe in him or her. Teaching is based on commitments. We as teachers commit to be warm, inviting, but also demanding to our students.

I think that teaching emphasizes on human interactions as well. I have a collaborative mentality which helps me connect with students and faculty
equally well. I am a person who is very much task oriented and takes principles well.

My passion for teaching has given me the chance to teach all over the world. I have taught in Europe, China, Indonesia, and the US. The above mentioned fact allows me to state that I am very comfortable teaching students from any country and background, as well as recruit students for Universities in the US.


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Recorded LIVE

Performances, Solo and Chamber Dr. Rossitza Banova Hawkins